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Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Sabine Liebehenz. My associates and I have been working to assist people just like you in the purchase of real estate and businesses in beautiful and friendly St. Maarten since 1998. Yes, we have worked with a large number of people, but they aren't just numbers to us, they are now our friends, repeat clients and in some cases neighbors.

One of the things we have learned from our friends (clients) is that many of them felt intimidated when they first considered purchasing a property in St. Maarten. Obviously, some of their concerns and worries are to be expected. How will we find the right property? Will we get a good deal? But what surprised us though was when clients started thanking us for addressing an even bigger source of stress. Many of our new clients had told us that they felt apprehensive about walking into a large real estate office, having to introduce themselves to a complete stranger and that this individual might be more concerned with having them fill out forms than with listening to them.


We were amazed! We didn’t think we had done anything “DIFFERENT”. We hadn’t tried to do anything more than always be accessible directly either by telephone or by email, friendly and listen to our clients “wish list”. And yet, that was exactly what people were thanking us for. Listening! Purchasing a property in the Caribbean can be intimidating, but we want you to know it can also be fun.

We learned from our clients that purchasing a property isn’t just about the villa or condominium. It’s about you! It’s about making you happy. That means not just helping you find the property, which is right for you, it also means making you comfortable enough so that you feel free to ask questions and tell us what you really want. Most of all, it means we need to listen to you. Our goal is to assist you in making your dreams of owing a piece of paradise a reality, therefore we promise to:

We look forward to meeting you,

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